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My Reel 2017

A culmination of clips from some of the more powerful films. All of the scenes shown here are the product of my collegiate career and cinematic studies.

Portfolio: Featured Project

Skill Scout Portfolio

A few of the professional videos that Jason contributed filming and editing on as a videographer for the Skill Scout team.

Sandvik | Secret Places

HRTX | Meet Abby from Skill Scout

American Airlines | Customer Service

Portfolio: Portfolio of Work

Film Portfolio

Independent Project Highlights

Portfolio: Portfolio of Work

Tenalach | Fall 2016

"As my individual Senior capstone project, I took the risk of writing, directing, editing, producing, and shooting this project independently. This near 20 minute long narrative piece tells the story of a student who has lost touch with his roots. This film reflects how I feel about my journey thus far and how I need to remember who I am and where I come from if I ever want to succeed."

  • Featured at 2017 FDM Capstone Showcase

Detective McDoogle | Fall 2015

"This film highlights the absurdity of my humor. In the style of classic noir, this crime/mystery/horror spoof definitely puts the "ass" back in "potassium.'"

The Mid-Western Suburbs | Fall 2014

"My first attempt at a short film. I love genre specific films, I love working with kids. Proof that the more fun you have with making a film, the better it will become."

  • Featured at LUCine 10th Annual Film Festival

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