My Mission

Currently based out of the Chicago area, Jason's passions lie within the realms of storytelling, whether that be through visuals, creative writing, or music composition. After graduating from Loyola University Chicago with two degrees, B.A. Film Production and B.A. Music, his current goal as an independent filmmaker involves transcending humanity's loves, passions, and innocence through the stories he tells. 

To all the people that have problems expressing truth and emotion;

Jason wants to be your voice.



Get to Know Jason!

Jason loves writing, shooting narrative short films, and crafting stories in order to express himself, while also laughing at his own particular sense of humor. The day to day of Jason involves freelance videography, most often working with the company "Skill Scout" as they allow him to expand his technological knowledge, both on a film shoot and in the editing room. 
As an avid trombonist of 12 years now, Jason "blows the bone" in community ensembles and independent jazz groups around Chicago, while also teaching trombone to young, aspiring musicians on the side. Additionally, Jason is constantly listening and analyzing music compositions, which helps benefit his own electronic music for scoring purposes.
Other hobbies of Jason's include competitive volleyball, basketball, lifting weights, and cooking in order to stay healthy and active when not staring into the abyss of editing software.




Canon EOS 60D
7D and 5D
Sony NEX-FS100


Premiere Pro
After Effects
Story Plus
Final Cut Pro
Logic Pro X
Ableton Live
Davinci Resolve
Microsoft Office


Microsoft Windows




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